Our Gentle Dental Extractions Provide Immediate Pain Relief And Support A Healthy Smile

Nothing quite compares to natural teeth. Orcutt Family Dentistry tries everything possible to preserve your natural teeth. However, a tooth must sometimes be extracted to manage pain and maintain optimal oral health.

Dr. Brian Orcutt and the team offer safe yet effective dental extractions in Fair Oaks, California. We use light-touch techniques and modern anesthetics to ensure you have an enjoyable dental experience during and after tooth removal.

Why dental extraction may be necessary

Dr. Orcutt may recommend tooth extraction for several reasons. Rest assured, we’ll only recommend tooth removal if necessary, and it is the only viable option.

Some reasons we may suggest tooth removal include:

  • A severely decayed or damaged tooth
  • To resolve overcrowding
  • An impacted or troublesome wisdom tooth
  • To pave the way for orthodontics
  • To remove a baby tooth compromising healthy eruption of permanent teeth

Removing even a single tooth can affect your oral function and aesthetics. We always recommend replacing your extracted tooth as soon as possible. Our office offers numerous teeth replacement options, including implants, bridges, and dentures, to prevent the consequences of tooth loss.

Tooth extraction dental service

The extraction process

The dentist numbs your tooth with local anesthetics to minimize pain during the extraction. However, if you are anxious about the procedure, talk to our dentist about sedation dentistry for increased comfort.

If your tooth is visible and accessible in the mouth, the dentist will remove it with a simple extraction. The dentist uses special skills and tools to dislodge the tooth from its socket. We gently remove your tooth to cause as little trauma to the surrounding tissues. 

Impacted teeth or those broken at the gum line level are removed with surgical extraction. The dentist performs this procedure by making a small incision on the gums and underlying bone to access the trapped tooth. The dentist then sections the tooth into small pieces for easier removal. 

After tooth removal, we’ll give you aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery. We’ll place a gauze pad on the extraction site to encourage blood clots to form. Bite on the gauze pad for about 30 minutes and change it if necessary until the bleeding stops. Moreover, we’ll give you medications and other tips to ensure event-free healing. 

Gentle dental extractions near me

Do you suspect you need dental extraction in Fair Oaks, California? Reach out to Orcutt Family Dentistry by calling (916) 963-9986. We offer stress-free dental extractions to manage pain and restore oral health.