Benefits of Invisalign®

Dr. Orcutt have been a provider of Invisalign® since 2006 and has heard from patients many different benefits of having Invisalign® over having traditional metal braces. Below, Dr. Orcutt lists out the top 10 benefits of Invisalign®.

  • The aligners can be used to protect your teeth.
    • The aligners are worn while you are sleeping, thus protecting your teeth from clenching and grinding forces. You can also use your aligner as a fluoride carrier. Placing a fluoride gel in the aligner and wearing it for about 30 minutes once or twice a week will help to strengthen your teeth, desensitize your teeth from cold substances and make them more impervious to the acid attack from bacteria that cause cavities.
  • Invisalign® aligners can be used to help whiten your teeth.
    • You can use the aligners as at-home whitening trays. Just apply the teeth-whitening agent into the aligner as directed by your dentist and watch your teeth move and whiten at the same time!
  • Invisalign® esthetics.
    • Yes, it’s obvious. Invisalign is practically invisible, whereas metal brackets can be seen as far as a block away on a sunny day!
  • Shorter and more efficient dental cleanings.
    • When someone with Invisalign® comes in for a routine dental cleaning there is never excess gum tissue that has to be removed because Invisalign® doesn’t lead to this horrible plaque retention seen in patients with metal braces. The dental cleanings are easy for a patient with Invisalign because it’s so much easier for them to keep their teeth clean between dental cleaning appointments!
  • Better speech and pronunciation of words.
    • Metal braces encompass a large volume inside your mouth while wearing them, making speech difficult for some. The Invisalign® aligners are very thin and the adjustment period for your speech is usually just a day or two. Your lips and tongue adjust much better to the thin aligners than the metal braces.
  • Daily oral hygiene is much easier.
    • Brackets, bands, and wires make it very difficult and time consuming for your daily oral hygiene. You have to use special toothbrushes and flossing is nearly impossible. People wearing Invisalign® just simply take their aligners out and brush and floss like they normally would, no special tools required. Gingivitis is rarely seen in patients who have Invisalign®, whereas almost every patient with metal braces has it to some degree.
  • Invisalign® can help fix TMJ and neck pain.
    • People who suffer from TMJ pain and the symptoms associated with it can benefit by wearing the Invisalign aligners. The aligners can deprogram the muscles that are involved in clenching and grinding, thus possibly relieving the patients of their symptoms. This is not to say that it will work for everyone, but it’s possible for some.
  • Correct alignment of the teeth makes it easier to maintain a health oral cavity.
    • Crooked teeth hit each other in ways that can cause severe problems including gum recession, bone loss, loose teeth, and tooth loss. Invisalign® corrects alignment and stops crooked teeth.
  • A great smile!!!
    • The #1 benefit of Invisalign® is the combination of all the above! Who doesn’t want teeth that will look great, stay clean, and be healthy for a lifetime?

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