Protect Your Smile with Discrete Dental Sealants and Tooth-colored Fillings

Are you troubled with tooth decay and cavities? Tooth decay isn’t only unsightly, but it can lead to tooth loss and other problems if not handled swiftly. Orcutt Family Dentistry offers preventive dental sealants and restorative tooth fillings to keep your smile cavity-free. If you want to learn more about our cavity solutions, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Brian Orcutt.

Protect your smile with dental sealants

Brushing and flossing your teeth are the first line of defense against tooth decay. Unfortunately, these at-home oral hygiene techniques may fall short, putting your smile at risk of cavities. Dental sealants are a thin, colorless plastic coating painted on your decay-prone teeth to “seal out” decay-causing bacteria. Sealants can effectively prevent cavities as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and can only be used only on the biting surfaces of teeth..

Dental sealants are placed in one appointment and require no tooth preparation. After teeth cleaning, the dentist applies an acidic gel to your teeth to create a strong bonding surface. Then we paint the dental sealant on your teeth and harden it with a curing light. Once the dental sealant settles in, it can last several years with proper maintenance.

Dental fillings sealants

What are dental fillings?

If you have had a cavity before, you must be familiar with dental fillings. A dental filling is a tooth-colored material placed within your tooth to prevent the progression of tooth decay. Without treatment, a tooth cavity grows deeper and can cost your tooth when the decay reaches the pulp chamber.

We complete dental fillings in just one appointment. The dentist starts the process by administering a local anesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort during the procedure. Then, we’ll remove the decayed portion of the tooth and clean the area meticulously. After tooth preparation, we’ll fill your tooth with composite resin material. Next, we harden the filling material with a curing light before reshaping it for optimal fit and alignment. With proper care, composite fillings can last for over ten years.

Dental sealants vs. fillings: What’s the difference?

It’s easy to confuse sealants with fillings because both are used to address tooth decay. However, the two are different. The major difference is that sealants are protective, while fillings are restorative.

We apply sealants to the grooves and pits of the teeth, forming a protective barrier that seals out decay-causing bacteria and food particles. In contrast, we use dental fillings when tooth decay is already present. The dentist places fillings directly into the prepared tooth to restore its shape, function, and strength.

Fillings and sealants near me

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