Overcome Troublesome Tooth Stains with Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have bothersome dental stains, teeth whitening in Fair Oaks, California, is a fantastic solution to get your smile on point. Professional teeth whitening at Orcutt Family Dentistry Care uses clinically tested products to remove the unsightly stains that have slowly dulled your smile.

Are you bothered by tooth stains on your teeth? Schedule a smile assessment appointment with Dr. Brian Orcutt to achieve your dream smile.

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Why are my teeth stained?

There is nothing that stands out like a bright, white smile. Unfortunately, several factors can cause your teeth to become yellow or discolored over time. For instance, the enamel thins out as you age, allowing the yellowed dentine underneath to show through, causing your teeth to lose their natural whiteness.

The other reasons your teeth may discolor include: 

  • Stain-causing foods and beverages, including coffee, wine, and soda
  • Dental trauma and infection
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Certain medications and medical procedures like chemotherapy
  • Smoking

Professional teeth whitening effectively removes numerous dental stains but can only do so much for some stains. When you have stubbornly discolored teeth, our dentist will recommend dental bonding, veneers, or crowns to camouflage the discoloration. No matter the state of your teeth, we have a solution for you.

How we whiten teeth in our office

When you want to whiten your teeth, don't fall for the hype of over-the-counter (OTC) products. Store-bought products may be cheap and convenient but often leave users with frustrating and subpar results. When you want a white, bright smile, only consider a professional dentist for safe and consistent results. 

Our office offers two types of teeth whitening. 

  • In-office teeth whitening: For chairside teeth whitening, the dentist does all the work while you sit comfortably in the dental chair. The process involves applying a potent bleaching agent on the visible surfaces of your teeth. Then, we'll use a special light to activate the whitening gel and leave it for about 15 minutes to do its work. We'll repeat this process three times until you achieve the desired shade. 
  • At-home teeth whitening: Dr. Orcutt offers teeth whitening trays to brighten your teeth conveniently at home or on the go. Whitening trays are custom-made using imprints of your teeth. This way, the trays fit snugly over the teeth to allow consistent and effective delivery of the bleaching gel. Whitening trays should be worn for 30-60 minutes daily, and results should be visible within two weeks. 

Brighten your stained teeth today!

Professional teeth whitening in Fair Oaks, California, is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform your smile. To get started, please call (916) 963-9986 to schedule an appointment with Orcutt Family Dentistry.